Why and how to become a yoga instructor? By Samra Hasanovic

Why and how to become a yoga instructor

Interview By Samra Hasanovic – www.head-and-heart-yoga.com


Why and how to become a yoga instructor?

I’ve been practising yoga for over 20 years but never thought I had time or desire to complete the teacher training. I guess I had no inspiration. It was after I attended regular sessions with some of the teachers in London that I decided I actually wanted to study yoga in more detail. One of those teachers was my 200RYT teacher Alessandra Pecorella who was truly inspirational. It was during my teacher training that I finally embraced yoga through my physical training and also as my lifestyle.

For years I have been suffering with migraines and lower back pain. Three years ago, my lower back pain disabled me for the whole month – I got diagnosed with a lumbar degenerative spinal canal stenosis. This happened just before I was due to start my 200 RYT course. And this training made wonders! Over years, regular daily practice has improved my flexibility. And, although I still find forward bends easier to do (common with people suffering from lower back pain), I am now able to launch into back bends like Chakrasana/Wheel pose, something that I couldn’t do and struggled with before my training. Dynamic Cat/Cow and other sequences involving spinal flexion and extension have been part of my daily routine.

After my initial teacher training, I carried on to advance training and have since obtained many diplomas, including the 300RYT, and will probably never stop studying yoga. I thoroughly believe that the study and practice of yogic science has helped me find my inner strengths and deal with my demons – my lower back pain, depression and anxiety. I continue to apply this personal knowledge and experience with my family and students and help them deal with it all. It would have never happened without my training for which I am extremely grateful.

Have you any tips to give to the future students?

It’s simple: Just be yourself and embrace your body and its limitations. Don’t strive to learn all of it at once. Be patients. There is so much yoga has to offer. Learn asanas, but also pranayama, meditation, the whole philosophy and don’t ever stop to learn. There is so much more that we can learn from different teachers and from each other. But primarily, learn to find your own and learn to find yourself. And practice, practice, practice!

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