Transformation : The powerful interface of Yoga & Music

Transformation : The powerful interface of Yoga and Music


I witnessed an amazing transformation at a funeral recently.

A neighbour arrived. seating herself inconspicuously in the corner of the hot, crowded room. After a few moments she began to chant, instantly providing focus for all present. Gradually, other voices joined and the room was charged with a loving embrace that supported mourners and began the long process of easing the grief, It is no wonder music in its various forms is a pact of most spiritual and religious rituals.

Scientists are discovering the power of music is firmly grounded in our biochemistry.

Researchers are actively trying to untangle the health-enhancing mechanisms of music by examining neurochemicals such asdopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. The latter, the ¨love hormone,” is involved in forming emotional and social bonds and may enhance the feeling of connection and
affiliation music can facilitate. Music has been used for healing since ancient times and continues to be used in clinical settings for pain management, relaxation and other ways of improving well-being.

The healthful effects of music are exploited by many spiritual and social activities by calming.

Arousing and forming a warm sense of connection between participants. Although, most Western-style yoga studios use music only to generate atmosphere during classes or by occasionally chanting 0M, the various forms of Indian spiritual practices.

On which modern yoga practices are based use music in many ways, including mantras, chanting, song, drama, dance and, naturally, inspirational music in addition to moral and spiritual redemption. Many claims about the use o: yogic chanting and mantra repetition include the acquisition of magical powers, such as invincibility: invisibility and the power to fly.

The theory behind this is that sound?

Being an energetic and spiritual vibration can be used to manipulate prana, which is also vibration. And, as everything is made of prana, a skilled practitioner can bend the laws of space and time to her or his liking. In fact, it is said the universe was brought into being by the vibrations of the primal mantra.

In one of my workshops

i investigate the effect of mantra using an explorative approach based on Tara Fraser’s Easy Yoga. I ask participants to repeat bijo mantras (jam. warn, ram. etc.) as well as devotional mantras (such as “Om Namah Shivayd) and closely observe where in their bodies they sense any changes. Although, many participants feel the effects of different mantras in different locations in their bodies. I have so far not seen any correspondence to the traditional chakras. However, I have noticed long-term practitioners are more sensitive to the effect, suggesting yoga practice enhances body awareness. This ability may correlate with the formation of health-enhancing patterns in the brain. generating holistic gains.”

So far

No one participating in my workshop has learned to fly or become invisible. However, most participants report a energizing or calming effect from the workshop. Modern yoga practices provide a vast collation of mind-body techniques that go beyond reductionist approaches. incorporating and delighting all the senses.These approaches. although difficult to confirm scientifically precisely because of their holistic nature, have generated huge amounts of anecdotal evidence for the health-improving benefits of yoga, In the end. isn’t it our own experiences that confirm the benefits of yoga?

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Source: Shannon Francis for Namaskar

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