The beach is the new gym

‘Operation bikini’ (or bathing suit) doesn’t end when you put one on.

It’s almost the opposite. In recent years the beaches have filled up with sportsmen and no. talking about people
playing with paddles on the shore. Or not talking about only that. Because there are many benefits practising sports on the beach. In the first place, we produce more vitamin D when we’re exposed to sunlight, our breathing improves when we inhale air that’s less polluted, and above all we work the lower body more because the sand is an unstable surface that requires extra force to practise a sport. The typical pickup football games or the increasingly popular beach volleyball are a way of
socialising and getting fit.

Another sport that has moved its centre of operations to the beach is yoga.

A glance at Instagram is enough to realise that most of the yogis skip the gym at this time of year and salute the sun from the shoreline. And this is not just postuting.Yoga seeks physical and mental wellbeing, and is meant to be practised in places that contribute to relaxation. That’s why it’s most common to engage in this sport at dawn, when most of the touristsare sleeping in (or still partying) and the beaches are deserted, If you have achieved a high enough level, take your mat and do it on your own. If you need a professor. take a look at the ‘Web; there are dozens of schools that Offer yoga surrounded by water and sand.

Jogging is the beach sport par excellence.

It’s benefits, already considerable. are enhanced when the running is on sand. If you’re a beginner, it’s best not to go too far from the shore. where the sand is more compact and offers less resistance. But if you like challenges, try it on the dunes so as to discover just what suffering means. Long beaches are ideal, and if you’re careful to avoid the occasional rock that may appear; it’s almost better to forget about shoes. In recent years jogging has found stiff com- petition in cross fit that leaves the gym and takes to the streets. The beach isn’t the usual setting, but in recent years it has become more popular and now it’s not unusual to see groups of people sweating —and not just from the sun.

Source: Pachamagazine  Photo: heidiwilliams89


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