Mindfulness – The value of silence

Michelle Tamblyn RYT 300

I find in my teaching practice that students will share a thought or an experience after class and there will be a similar thread to these comments. Recently it has been about appreciation of, and the need for, silence in daily life. Unless you are spending a lot of time outdoors in the wilderness, you are exposed to a constant din of noise and electronic buzz that you may not even be consciously aware of.

Ground and center

A daily yoga practice can help to ground and center you and connect you to the silence within. The moment you begin your practice, sitting upright, closing your eyes, and turning your focus inward, you are beginning to connect to the still space inside of you. One definition of silence is the absence of sound.

The silence

  • The silence within is the absence of the inner sound of the mind.
  • The practice of yoga guides you to begin to quiet your mind by observing your thoughts as they come in, and letting them go.
  • The mind is always seeking some form of distraction.

In the beginning, I find it helpful to shift the thoughts from negative to more positive ones. Gradually it becomes easier to watch the movements of the mind without judging or suppressing them. You are able to disengage from the constant shifting of your mind and enter into a more relaxed state.

Thoughts over and over again, every day

We usually have the same thoughts over and over again, every day. Yoga helps us to become aware of what these thoughts are and whether they are helping or hurting us. This observation leads us deeper inside to the silent space where the wisdom of our inner truth resides.

In silence, what we need to become aware of will rise to the surface. It might be something we need to focus on that we have been avoiding, such as an emotion, or it might be our deepest desire for what we would like to create in our lives Yoga teachers that wisdom is found when there is
silence within and without.

live in a constant state of loud noise and disruption

It has a negative impact on our health to live in a constant state of loud noise and disruption. Connecting to ourselves in stillness separates us from outside forces that may be influencing our decisions. We return from this space with more clarity, calmness and certainty about our path forward. It is in this space of silence we can rest and renew our selves. Here we find peace and can become more balanced. As you go deeper into your yoga practice you may find yourself enjoying the silence more. You connect to your personal truth and the magical moments start to happen.

To allow silence

We each experience life a little differently and are at varying points along our journey. I believe it is important to allow silence. It is an unchanging place inside ourselves where we can connect to our deepest truth.

Source and gratitude: Michelle Tamblyn RYT 300

Photo: Wisslaren


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