Listening to your body, exploring the body-spirit connection

From your body’s perspective connecting to spirit is through the sense of space.Sometimes considered your sixth sense.Your sense of space helps you feel the difference between tension and relaxation.Quit simply when your tense the space inside your body feels squeezed When you relaxed it’s expansive.

In order to explore this body spirit connection you’ll need a block of time to slow down and be quiet. This can be after work on the weekend or part of your summer vacation.
The key is to swift your focus from your through driven tech dependent mind to your sensual aware body.Spending time with the simplicity of physical presence opens the door to and expansive feeling of oneness to all life Being there is deeply nurturing but getting there can be challenging.
As creatures of habit living in a distracted over stimulated world connecting body to spirit can be a little lackluster at first.  Notice the resistance and hang in there.
Give yourself some time to adjust and to slower the pace and the reward will be worth it.To help you make the shift here are 3 great practices to explore  your body spirit connection.
Linger for a few minutes in soft awareness before sleep.Feel the place you occupy in the room. Where your body ends and the room begins.
Slowly let your sense of space get bigger and bigger. If there is tension on your body let it melt into the surrounding space. If thoughts and worries crowd In let keep  expanding until they float away.
Melt the inner outer boundary and invite your awareness to extend your beyond your body Do you feel at one with spirit? Breathing happens in real time in the now.
This is automatic and happens without thought. Filling and emptying in its natural way. Sitting and centering on breath is an ancient way to connect with spirit. Be with each exhale letting e worries and concerns empty out Be with each inhale letting spirit fill your body . Keep emptying and filling until your body feels more space than matter.
Do you feel one with the spirit? Focus on your body moving. Let your pace and stride be determined by your bodies dimensions. Make sure the motion of walking transfers through your whole body including your shoulders neck and head.
Our natural flow is part of the flow of nature.your moving body is I’m sync with the moment and all there is.listen to the sounds feel the motion see the dance of light and feel in one with it all
Do you feel one with spirit? You don’t have to be in bed or sitting on meditation or walking in woods to feel the eternal external expansiveness of the body spirit connection.
You can be there in the most ordinary places waiting for an appointment or for your computer to boot up take a moment you connect. Before a meal or an important meeting take a minute to connect. Tune in and this space deepens your experience of being with the loved one. Listen to the music or enjoying a work of art.notice how your relax and expansive body quiets your tense restless mind. Observe how being in body spirit space imbues those moments with grace.
Anne Todhunter Bode author of: A guide to Body Wisdom.
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