How to get the most out of a Yoga Retreat

Relax and let go.

As soon as you leave home, determine to put all problems out of your mind.

Tell yourself the more you allow your mind to focus on the joy of the present moment, the more you will be able to focus your world lens on having a meaningful experience. You can enjoy the wisdom, teachings, love and connectivity of other highly conscious individuals.

Go with the now.

  • Decide before you arrive that you’ll be open and willing to growth, but at the same time dwell in the peaceful place of knowing that you’ll get exactly what you came for. If you have that expectation in place when you arrive, it will manifest.
  • Enjoy the life-enhancing power of being part of a collective and creative process.
  • Trust in the process Allow. You came for a reason, it will be revealed.

Unplug to plug in

Disconnect from technology so you can reconnect to you soul. A yoga retreat provides the perfect opportunity to be inwardly attentive, to still the mind, feed the soul, and deepen your yoga practice… but that’s not going to happen if you keep checking your phone.

  • Disconnect from technology so you can reconnect to you soul.
  • Have a plan and be ready to break it. Retreats and festivals have a lot to offer.
  • Look at and schedule the things you want to attend before you arrive.

There are no rules.

You can take a break from what’s on the schedule and go for a walk in nature. There are events in the evening like listening to uplifting music, spiritual movies and quality time with like-minded people. Always allow for the inspiration of the moment, don’t be locked into anyone’s agenda – even your own.

Take the time to journal.

Keeping a journal is a great way to capture the inspiration from the week. Little by little the vision of the retreat will
begin to fade when you return home: your journal will help remind you of the place of peace, the dreams and intentions you set forward, and
the friendships and connections you made.

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