Embracing the Shadow by Allen Starner

Embracing the Shadow by Allen Starner

I don’t know if most writers are the same way, but i don’t write from a position of authority or mastery, I write about what i have been thinking about, and as a way to teach myself what i want to learn. For the past couple of years, i’ve been dealing with lot’s of shadows.

The concept of the “shadow’

It was first introduced by psychologist Sigmund Freud and later explored by Carl Jung. and others. We can define our Shadow as the disowned parts of ourselves.
would we disown a part of who we are? At our core. we are complex multifaceted beings. are not just one thing, but the ego wants to present as just one thing; the face that we show the world, The parts that do not fit the ego’s idea of who we are (or should be) are disowned and placed into the shadow, where the light of our awareness does not easily Shine.

Here is an extreme example of the shadow aspect of personality.

In the film American Beauty. actor Chris Cooper portrays Frank Fits. a retired US Marine Colonel, with homophobia covering his latent homosexual desires. Frank falsely suspects his son Ricky is having a homosexual relationship with their next-door neighbour Lester. the main character in the movie- Frank then beats his son and kicks him out of the house, Later. thinking Lester is homosexual, Frank tries to kiss Lester and is rebuffed. only to come back later and put a bullet in Lester’s head. Why does he rail against homosexuals? Because he is attracted to a disowned part of himself.


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