Beauty and Wellbeing, Two face of the same coin?

The world of wellbeing is changing.

The convergence of concepts like beauty, sport, spirituality, health and aesthetics has created a new concept that goes under the ambiguous label called wellness. Salons and spa’s offer packages that mix treatments from French manicure to ¨connect with your interior self for the most varied ailments. The excesses of a stressed-out society, one that demands a body that’s always young and a halo of spirituality, have done the rest. Nowadays the beauty and wellness industries have one. difficult to differentiate. But is there a basis for this trend? Can the world of beauty contribute something, not just for our outward appearance but for our interior? We’ve decided to ask the professionals.

The concept of beauty is linked to inner health,” says Chantal Sciuto, a dermatologist and the owner of Sciuto Studio, in Roma “It’s necessary to be beautiful inside and outside,” she says. Sciuto stresses the principles that have characterised her career -health and beauty— and she mixes them in her approach. She speak of a beauty that must be exploited and above all, maintained “in a good state of health.” She says that a healthy lifestyle —a balanced diet, enough sleep and exercise— are the foundation for having good skin. ‘These are the same things a doctor would advise to be healthy, so we’re on the right track. And she gives a specific practical example.

The concept of beauty is linked to inner health: a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins is reflected in the color and tone of the skin ‘Which is more luminous and firmer.” But not all beauty can be achieved by salads and green smoothies “Obviously the clock is ticking for everyone, and it’s clear that small, natural corrections can help.” she concludes.
Grace Pace wanted to work in the world of fashion. She also flirted with the art world. In the end she chose beauty treatment, and in a big way. After working with Aldo Coppola, she decided to
open her own salon, Very Grace, also located in Milan, and since then she has worked in the fashion presentations of Armani, Dior, Valentino and Jean Paul Gaultier and with the best Italian fashion magazines. When asked if health and wellbeing are related, she doesn’t hesitate: “Of course they are!”, she answers. “You have to love yourself to feel well, and not just on Valentine’s Day. And wellness is our best ally, it makes us active and aware of our mind and body.” This relationship with the world of wellness can also be seen in the products this stylist and hairdresser likes to work with, “principally henna and muds,” she confesses. at way the hair is healthier and more resistant to invasive treatments, and you’re a little less of a slave to the hairdresser.” For many years now Pace has been “beautifying women without the need for Photoshop.” During this time she has watched the industry evolve toward greater wellness and has been able to adapt to this trend.

She’s not alone. The wellness industry is turning more and more to philosophy, meditation and natural elements, and opening new niches in the market. It’s no longer a case of looking young at
any price. but of appearing healthy. They sound alike but they’re not the same. As Chantal Sciuto puts it, “youth is synonymous with health and beauty. Nowadays I don’t think the aim is still to
look younger than you are, but to live as if you were younger. And living in beauty is much easier.”

Source. Carlos Buesa

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