Aromas & Meditation by Carla Sridevi Cohen

Aromas & Meditation

In a world characterized by non-stop input, an effective meditation practice can be an invaluable tool for maintaining your mental and physical health. I got into Meditation some 35 years ago as part of my recovery from a two-year bout of being sidelined from the film business with an illness they called CFS. To this day, I don’t believe that was the problem, but that is another story. What is important here is how meditation helped change the course of my recovery. my health and my life.

Most people think that meditation is about being still and quiet within.

Although reaching internal silence would be one of the goals for many people sitting still brings up more thoughts than it quiets Meditation is-supposed to help you discover who you are, but, in point Of fact. It shows you more about you ate not. Was fortunate to study TM over 35 years ago with an excellent instructor has since passed, I have never missed a day since that time. My husband marvels at the fact that I am not an early riser. but If I have to wake up at to meditate. I just do it. I cant help myself, I don’t really have an explanation of why my commitment to this practice is so non-negotiable: I can think of other “commitments’ I made that seemed fat more important. but didn’t stick. Here is what I know. Meditation has made me better at responding as opposed to reacting. It me feel as though I have cleaned my house out and found myself before I start my day. It gives me energy.

My instructor told us that 20 minutes is equivalent to three hours of sleep!

Asa result of my practice, I have learned to observe a lot of thoughts going through my mind, know I am not my brainy am not my as mature in my practice. It has become easier to recognize that I am not my thoughts either. I remember my instructor saying things like if you have an itch. scratch It-or “if you have to move, move”or “If the phone rings. answer it: He taught us that itches and discomfort were merely thoughts and well we all know if you try to ignore an itch. it just gets itchier.

The point was, that no matter what was happening, deal with the distraction and then go bock to your practice. Its the same for yoga. I find that the same is true for my spiritual practice. I may be chanting a Sanskrit prayer and as the words automatically roll off my tongue, I have gone somewhere else with my Maybe I remember a grocery I need to buy or some •action item’ for the day pops into my head. However here is the flip side. find myself more Often in the now of life. The day I feel drawn to a store, is the day they have their sale. The car polls out just as I approach the right parking space. I later, but the thing am going to also starts later and so on.

How do you get into meditation when you can’t?

People tell me all tin-e that they have tried meditation and cant stick with it. A consistent yoga practice help you gain mental mastery over your thoughts quiet the mind, discharge chaotic energy and help you develop the stamina to sit in meditation for longer periods of time without experiencing physical discomfort. Being present to your yoga practice can also help you learn to be still, breathe more fully and release things you don’t need any Like meditation. Yoga helps for the mind into one pointedness, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience distractions during your practice. You just have to keep going back to your breath and the asana.

For some people using essential oils can be effective support with meditation.

Frankincense is great for quieting the mind. It also helps enhance feelings of being connected to a higher power. Western Red Cedar is another deliciously calming oil that can extremely effective. Western Red Cedar has been used by ancient civilizations to help connect to spirit in various rituals for hundreds of years It is very calming and can help quiet the mind. Roman Chamomile can be used for encouraging patience and Interestingly both Roman Chamomile and Western Red Cedar share an ability to soothe many types of skin irritations.

Japanese Cypress (Hinoki) may help create more spiritual awareness, impart a sense of calm and uplift the mind, This holy wood was used to build temples and royal palaces, The wood is to many types Of insects and bacteria. which enables the wood to last for hundreds of years, Hmm…sounds like spirit to me,The rich Woodsy smell of Cedarwood can help reduce nervous tension. Cedarwood along with Sage, was used by North American Indians to improve spiritual communication and clean energies. The French use Cedarwood for calming anger. This particular conifer can also be a powerful ally when looking to change deep seated self-sabotaging patterns.

You may have to experiment a bit to find the right type Of meditation oils for you. But have fun with your exploration. Authentic pure, properly distilled oils always have multiple applications, so there is no waste. Only treasures that you can use on something else in the future.

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